Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Plan Collaboration

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Plan Collaboration

     Hip Hop couple Wiz Khafia and Amber Rose recently announced plans to share the michrophone and work together on a new music project. With details scarce, Wiz says he explects mystery to surround the collab.

"We're working on some music for me, yeah," Amber Rose told Billboard.com on collaborating with Wiz Khalifa. "It's going to be mysterious," Wiz added. "It's going to be very mysterious," Amber Rose said. "You may not even know it's me. We might just throw it out there, might give it out and see what's up." Aside from working on Amber Rose's musical debut, Wiz is working on new music himself. "I'm also working on another album and stuff like that. Just chilling out, having fun, I just got done with touring." (Billboard)


Wiz Khalifa – On Stage With Amber Rose


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