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Raekwon Talks New Deal & Not Signing With Dre

Posted By on April 28, 2009

    Raekwon, the legendary Wu-Tang member, recently talked about his motivation behind teaming up with his new label, EMI, and his ability to go at today's rappers. "I think EMI just recognized that I'm a veteran in the game and they recognize the value in [Only Built For Cuban Linx 2] and at the same time, they believe in me," Rae said in an interview. "They believe Rae still got the potential to stand next to these new artists and really do his thing. They recognize that I'm a legend and that I did a lot of sh*t for hip-hop. So at the end of the day they came to the table with a sweet deal that I couldn't deny as well as being real excited about working with me. They was listening to me and hearing me out and respecting that I'm really trying to own my masters right now…They felt like I deserved it though and they made a brother smile."

    Raekwon also went on to talk about his possible deal with Dr Dre's Aftermath and how Busta Rhymes departure from the label inspired him to not join. "Busta left after our situation was already not gonna happen," Rae said in an interview. "Busta might have felt like he was' getting the proper energy he needed to get, so really one ain't have nothing to do with two, but you never know at the end of the day, you know what I mean. I don't know, I can't call that."