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Raekwon Warns Joe Budden

Posted By on May 19, 2009

    Wu-Tang's own Raekwon recently came to the defense of his fellow Wu member Method Man and even warned Joe Budden about his recent comment. If you didn't know, Budden recently challenged Method Man's rap skills after he viewed the results of Vibe's "Best Rapper Alive" list.

    "I was hurt by Joe's comment," Rae explained. "He seems like a cool dude, but I don't appreciate him going at Meth like that. [Joe Budden] must've been feeling himself. You don't play a legend who, like Method Man, did a lot for hip-hop…Joe bit off him anyway. When you listen to 'Pump It Up,' real n*ggas know where that flow came from. I'm not a battle rapper, but I will skin a n*gga, anybody. And, in my opinion, he isn't better than Meth, never. You gotta watch what your mouth. Joe was out of character."

    Raekwon even launched a website called BetterThanJoe.com that features diss tracks going at Joe Budden asking readers of it "You're Better Than Joe Budden?"