Wu To Budden “You Diss One, You Diss Us All”

Wu To Budden “You Diss One, You Diss Us All”

    Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck has come forward to talk about the recent beef between his group member Method Man and New Jersey rapper (and Slaughterhouse member) Joe Budden. [watch here] Inspectah Deck talked about the differences between his status as a rapper and Joe Budden's recent buzz and why Wu-Tang supports their member in this beef. [watch here]

    "I'm with my n*ggas, you know what I'm saying," Deck said in an interview. [watch here] "I'm guilty by association anyway. You diss one, you diss us all. So I'm living by that. But first of all, I heard him say it wasn't directed towards the whole Wu, it was directed to Meth, which is still the whole Wu. You can use our name as much as you want to, you can say about Wu, we still legendary, monumental, influential motherf*ckers in the game son. Not just here, internationally man. There's really nothing Joe Buddens could say really to Inspectah Deck to make me want to jump and do anything because personally, my legacy is bigger than his." [watch here]

Inspectah Deck To Joe Budden "You Diss One, You Diss All"


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