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Ghostface Killah Forgives Chris Brown

Posted By on July 23, 2009

    Wu-Tang forgives Chris Brown, well at least one member does. Ghostface Killah recently sat down to talk about Chris Brown's public apology. [watch here] Although Ghostface is not sure what the apology will do to Chris Brown's career, the long-time Wu-Tang member does think it's good he said he is sorry.

    "I guess it's good he said sorry," Ghost says. [watch here] "He ain't gettin' no spins. Then I heard Jay-Z was like, 'Yo tell them motherf*ckers don't play that n*gga's sh*t.' N*ggas ain't playing it. He a young dude. It's good that he apologized though. I don't know to what effect that it's going to have on the other people though but he did what he had to do. Now he has to learn from it. I hope that he get back in the game and just do what he do. Just don't do that sh*t no more because now you know." [watch here]

Chris Brown's Apology