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1 Month Ago Raekwon Said “Nobody Aint Worried”

Posted By on August 10, 2009

     With a recent beating of Joe Budden over the weekend by Raekwon and his entourage, just a month ago Rae talked about Budden saying "nobody ain't worried about nothing, man". [Raekwon Talks About Joe Budden On July 17th] "Number one homie — nobody ain’t worried about nothing, man," Rae told us on July 17. "Everybody knows this is hip-hop hop. Keep it hip-hop. Nobody wants to throw their lives or their careers away for somebody who’s not really near our legacy of what we built. [Budden] could never crush any buildings. He knows that. As far as Slaughterhouse — I know them, they are true-blue friends. This is a Joe Budden and Method Man altercation. Deck got involved, that’s these three’s altercation. For me, the Wu is not even thinking about it on that level — this is not that kinda party. Number one, it doesn’t even match up".

     "I already know what it is, because Joe Budden looked me in my face and apologized. As a man, I look a nigga in his eyes and make sure you being genuine. I guess he feels that he has no beef with me. As far as Wu-Tang, we’re not like how we used to be back then, as far as, like, jump up and do something negative. Cats caught cases like that. Nobody wanna be going through cases, get lawsuits and whatever. You can’t sacrifice when you got children. If they gonna keep it on wax, MC to MC, if that’s what they want to do, then take six paces and draw. As far as anything else, I feel nobody is a threat over there to me. I got Royce the 5′9″ calling me everyday trying to calm everything down."  [Raekwon Talks About Joe Budden On July 17th]

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