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Ghostface One-Two Punch With Wu-Tang

Posted By on October 11, 2007

The Wu-Tang leader, Ghostface Killah,  is set to hit the masses with a one-two punch at the end of the year, as he's gearing up to drop a new book and a new album only weeks apart.

The new album, entitled The Big Dough Payback, is slated to hit shelves on December 4 according to a video the rapper posted on his MySpace page. The record will be the follow up to 2006's More Fish, released on Def Jam

"Don't download my @#!*, go buy the @#!* 'cause I got some exclusive footage inside the sleeve that I want ya'll to see," said the Staten Island-bred lyricist. "Tell your grandma or something like that. It's coming."

The album will ironically be arriving in stores on the same day as his Wu-Tang brethren's highly anticipated come back disc, 8 Diagrams. Along with going head to head with his own Shaolin collective on December 4, Tony Starks will also see competition from several other New Yorkers including Saigon and Styles P, as well as Fugees alum Wyclef Jean.

In addition to putting out new music, Ghost is also preparing to make his debut into the literary world, releasing The World According To Pretty Tony, which will be published by MTV Press. The book, which is a continuation of his series of shorts on MTV2, features Ghost providing humorous how-to guides and advice on various everyday situations like sex, gambling, family, education and how to eat on only $5 a day.

The book, set to hit shelves on November 1, will also come with photos as well as a CD of Ghostface personally reading the material.