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RZA Says Guitars Are Part Of Hip Hop, Uses Lil Wayne’s Album As Example

Posted By on June 18, 2008

    Wu-Tang member RZA is one to give his opinions on almost everything. Being the producer and engineer for most of Wu-Tang's material he has strong opinions on what goes into the music production. As we previously reported, Raekwon spoke out stating problems with RZA's production saying "He’s trying to do too much of this guitar shit,” Rae said, continued “Our whole shit is we don’t want that….So chill with that, b.”

    RZA is now defending himself, saying “I was just listening to Lil Wayne’s album and there’s guitars all over that album,” RZA told XXL. “Guitars are a part of hip-hop, a part of music. When we were doing 8 Diagrams, we had this lack of feedback and negative energy. I think it was a misunderstanding and premature. If you name 10 hip-hop songs they either have guitars or pianos on it. So the guitar has always been in hip-hop, we just forgot. I didn’t forget though. Plus I fell in love with guitar culture the last few years. Just like I fell in love with samplers when I first got a hold of a sampler. They’re all instruments, and if you can use them, use them."