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RZA Will Host Hip Hop Chess Panel

Posted By on April 9, 2008

    Wu-Tang co-founder and producer, RZA, has signed up to be one of the hosts for the next installment of the Hip-Hop Chess Federation's Life Strategies panel. RZA will be joined by chess icon Josh Waitzkin and Mixed Martial Arts Champion Ralek Gracie, as they demonstrate how students of chess and martial arts are trained in numerous ways to avoid violence. The event, called “Martial Arts As A Path to Nonviolence,” will take place Saturday (April 12) as one of several activities of the HHCF's Mind Over Matter Chess and Grappling Exhibition.

    Rakaa of Dilated Peoples and Causal of the Hieroglyphics will also appear at the event.  Hip-Hop artists will work with martial artists to continue the HHCF's mission of providing alternatives to inner city youths by exploring the how the lessons learned through Chess and Martial Arts can be applied in the real world.