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U-God Tellls all on Wu Tang

Posted By on March 4, 2004

U-God is mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore!! In a recent MTV interview, U-God told the network that the main reason the Wu-Tang Clan hasn’t released any material in the last few years is RZA.

“Long story short, if you wanna know why the Wu-Tang Clan ain’t together, you know who to talk to: Bobby Steels, RZA, Rzarector,” U-God told the station. “I learned a lot about slavery. I realized what slavery was. You had them cats that was in the slave master’s house, the Uncle Tom cats who’d go back and be like, ‘U-God is trying to run over the wall, masta. What do you wanna do?’ Before I get a chance to run over the wall, I’d be getting whipped the next morning. That’s the way it was going down. Cats was ratting on each other and doing a lot of fish-head stuff.”

Fish-head stuff? The article also mentions U-God’s new album, U-Godzilla Presents Hillside Scramblers, hitting streets soon. Hey, it smells like a publicity stunt in here….

Source: Hip Hop Site