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WU-Tang Update

Posted By on August 6, 2007

RZA has put all the rumors to rest like a baby who's just been fed. In recent interviews he's told reporters that some of the Wu-Tang Clan members, including Ghostface, hadn't yet recorded vocals for the upcoming 8 Diagrams LP. Last week in New York, though, the Abbot said there's no need for alarm: Everybody has finally been accounted for.

"Yeah, yo," he said about his brothers' participation in the project. "Oh, this is a Wu-Tang Clan album. It ain't like no solo album — everybody is poppin' on this. It's scheduled for an October 23 release."

The singles haven't been made official yet, but the Clan's head said we should be aware of a particular ditty that doesn't sound so radio-friendly.

"We got this one called 'You Better Watch Your Mutha—-in' Mouth,' " he said. "They probably gonna bleep out the 'mutha—-in'.' A lot of people talking whatever, whatever, whatever. You better watch your mouth."

RZA hinted that Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II album will be right behind the Clan's LP.

"That sh– is fire," he boasted of Rae's project. "Some sh– you gotta age in a barrel. Word, we rocked for a whole year on that. That sh– started to come first, but it's time for the Wu, 'cause it's not always about individuals.

"Son, no words," he added about co-producing the project with Dr. Dre. "He's a master. What can I say that we don't know? It's just pure energy." …