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Wyclef Breaks Down During Haiti Press Conference

Posted By on January 19, 2010

    Wyclef Jean broke down recently at a press conference in New York city where he talked about his highly emotional trip to Haiti during the aftermath of last week's devastating earthquake. Speaking to reporters, the Fugees member started to cry as he urged people to continue with their support and help of the Haitian people.

    "I have asked, the Haitian people on the ground of course is gonna be suffering, frustrated, violence, I tell them that I do not cry for myself," Clef told reporters. "I cry for them. And I told them, just permit us a little time. We gonna be back on the ground on Saturday. And we'll be back on the ground every week until we help the situation. We need to migrate at least two million people in different parts outside of Port-au-Prince — I give you my word, if I tell them to go, they will go but they need somewhere to go to. So help us work on these tents and as you work on these tents, keep in mind that we're moving into the 21st century of Haiti. Which means beyond the tent, we're working on new communities."

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