Wyclef Talks Haiti Victims Being Maced

Wyclef Talks Haiti Victims Being Maced

     Wyclef Jean recently sat down with G-Unit's own DJ Whoo Kid to talk about new footage that recently hit the net which shows Haiti victims being maced by United Nations officials. According to Wyclef, he does not approve of the security move and plans to take up the issue with the president of the UN.

     "When I saw that macing, Whoo Kid, I was ecstatic and p*ssed off," Wyclef told DJ Whoo Kid. "I was there doing a food drive and when I was on my way to the food drive, I saw that long line with the UN and it's like, if I was on they line and I was in the front of htat line with the UN, I would have clearly told them you can't mace nobody. If you spend eight or nine days and don't eat, you're gonna wild out. Period. We do not approve the macing and we're not going for it. I'm gonna speak with the head of the UN about that."

Wyclef Jean – Talks Haiti victims Being Maced


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