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Wyclef Pleads To Lauryn Hill For Fugee Reunion

Posted By on December 23, 2009

    Wyclef Jean has always said that he wants to get the Fugees back together and recently he publically reached out to estranged member Lauryn Hill to make it happen. During a performance at a small venue, Wyclef shared his plea with the crowd. "Let me play you a classic record," Clef told his crowd of fans. "This group still sold 22 million copies and the reason I'll never go broke, I'm still living on they publishing check. See. So right here, Wyclef passing number one — and if Lauryn Hill is listening, get the group back together too!" [Wyclef Jean – Pleads To Lauryn Hill For Fugees Reunion – Watch Here]

    In related news, Wyclef Jean recently explained how he hoped his new music would inspire Lauryn Hill and Pras to rejoin him for a Fugee reunion. "Yeah. And it's actually a good question, because people within hip-hop don't really care about groups like that, you know what I mean?," Jean said in an interview. "Once you're done in hip-hop, you're done. But somehow the Fugees is the soundtrack to everyone's house. What I'm hoping is that this group really gets inspired by the new movement that I'm on right now, with the whole Warriors movement, the new music that I've got comin' out, the movement with the youth, and I'm hoping they'll get inspired and be like, 'Yo, let's find Clef and let's get this thing crackin'.' And it would be an honor to go in and make it a super album." [Wyclef Wants To Inspire A Fugee Reunion – Watch Here]

Wyclef Jean – Makes Plea To Lauren Hill About Fugee Reunion