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Yelawolf Talks White Rappers Using The N-Word

Posted By on October 3, 2011

     Yelawolf recently was asked about white rappers using the N-word during an interview with Vlad TV. After being set-back by the question, the new Shady Records artist explained…

"I’m from the South. That shit don’t fly. And in Alabama, put it this way. There are grandparents alive today whose parents went through a war. We’re just out of the slave trade. It’s very real situation," he said. "You don’t take that shit lightly, especially Hip Hop and American music culture is black culture. Don’t ever get it fucked up. Know your roots, know where the fuck you’re getting this music from and respect it. And don’t embarrass white people and white rappers by doing that dumb shit, by dropping the N-bomb and thinking you’re all cool and shit. You’re going to find yourself slapped up and it might be by a white boy. Because you ain’t gonna embarrass me around my people like that."

     Yelawolf later continued by explaining there are still racial issues and tension in the United States and the use of the word goes deeper than rap.

"We’re not very far away from real-life problems. Obama is the president, but it doesn’t mean that less than 50 years ago, people were getting… People are still getting mobbed. It ain’t no joke, man. Certain people have the birthright to use that word. I don’t know. As a white rapper, it’s always been a big no-no, but as a human being, it’s been an even bigger no-no."

Yelawolf – Talks About White Rappers Using The N-Word