Yelawolf Talks Evolving, Fears & More (Video)

Yelawolf Talks Evolving, Fears & More (Video)

      Alabama's own Yelawolf recently sat down with iHipHop to discuss how he has changed since dropping his "Trunk Muzik" project, the "white rapper" term, what he is scared of and many other topics, check it out below!

Yelawolf catches up with iHipHop to discuss a bevy of topics. His evolution as an artist as well as a person since Trunk Muzik dropped, weather or not the terminology "white rapper' is relevant anymore, the significance of Slumemerican, and finally Yelawolf breaks down what scares him. Be sure to cop Radioactive dropping October 25th and the #TieDyeSwag Wolf was early on. (iHipHop)

Yelawolf – Interview With iHipHop


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