Yelawolf Talks Working With Eminem (Video)

Yelawolf Talks Working With Eminem (Video)

     Yelawolf was recently on "Hoppus On Music," on the FUSE channel, where he spoke about having Eminem as a mentor and what it is like to be on Shady Records. Yelawolf first spoke about being signed to Shady and working with Eminem

"Just a comparison would be, you know, in Rock & Roll, to sign with Robert Plant, you know, have Robert Plant sittin' in the studio, just chillin' with you…Artistically it's an honor to have him (Eminem) around, y…ou know, it's like becoming a part of musical history, like, just by association really."

     The new Shady Records artist went on to speak about how he decided he was going to become a rapper by stating he was working on a boat "for 20 hours a day, seven says a week for a month in below freezing weather in Alaska" just so he could earn money for studio time.

Yelawolf – On Hoppus On Music (FUSE)


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