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YG On ‘My Krazy Life’ , : “It’s easy to make a classic album…”

Posted By on March 24, 2014

Fresh off the release of his debut album, “My Krazy Life“, Compton’s own YG stopped by Hot97 to talk about the album, who he listened to while recording , and how it isn’t hard to make a classic album.

“It’s easy to make a classic album. Yeah, it just take time,” YG said. “I feel like if you give a nigga stories and all that on your album and it’s really like—no matter if it blow. Like Jay Z first album’s a classic, but it didn’t sell a lot…If you giving stories and it’s realistic like people feel it. And like ‘He ain’t lying.’ That’s a classic.”

YG went on to describe the vibe of the studio while working on My Krazy Life.

“Yeah, I was listening to Doggystyle,” he said. “I was listening to Chronic 2001. I was listening to Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. And Ready To Die. You feel me? I was listening to that the whole time I was doing my album…I knew when it was time for that album shit I knew how to get into my little [mode]. So, I put in them albums, them classic albums.”


Full interview below: