YG On ‘My Krazy Life’ , : “It’s easy to make a classic album…”

YG On ‘My Krazy Life’ , : “It’s easy to make a classic album…”

Fresh off the release of his debut album, “My Krazy Life“, Compton’s own YG stopped by Hot97 to talk about the album, who he listened to while recording , and how it isn’t hard to make a classic album.

“It’s easy to make a classic album. Yeah, it just take time,” YG said. “I feel like if you give a nigga stories and all that on your album and it’s really like—no matter if it blow. Like Jay Z first album’s a classic, but it didn’t sell a lot…If you giving stories and it’s realistic like people feel it. And like ‘He ain’t lying.’ That’s a classic.”

YG went on to describe the vibe of the studio while working on My Krazy Life.

“Yeah, I was listening to Doggystyle,” he said. “I was listening to Chronic 2001. I was listening to Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. And Ready To Die. You feel me? I was listening to that the whole time I was doing my album…I knew when it was time for that album shit I knew how to get into my little [mode]. So, I put in them albums, them classic albums.”


Full interview below:

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