YG Gets Blamed For Starting Riot At Canada Show

YG Gets Blamed For Starting Riot At Canada Show

Rapper YG was performing in Edmonton, Canada over the weekend when his show got cut short due to the audience throwing bottles at the stage. The show was only 20 minutes in before security shut it down. New reports now claim the club promoter is blaming the rapper for starting the riot.

According to reports, the promoter is pointing the finger at YG for the show ending short, because he believes the West Coast rapper struggled to perform due to a vocal issue.

“Earlier today, TMZ reported that the club promoter places blame for the fiasco on the rapper after he allegedly struggled with his performance due to vocal issues. According to TMZ, the promoter claims that “YG lost his voice 2 songs into his performance” before instructing his deejay to raise the volume to compensate. The promoter also claims that YG was the first to begin throwing bottles and adds that the My Krazy Life artist went as far as jumping into the crowd and punching a concertgoer in the face.” (HipHopDX)


YG took to his Twitter account to briefly speak on the show.

Check out the footage of the show below:

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  • osu

    wow thats deep i was there for all this .yg lost his voice after 2songs and tried to hide it and the fans were pissed (apparentyly he has been doing this at many shows)he was talking tuff to the crowd and got pelted with bottles. after the concert outside he was still talking tuff and was chased thru the parking lot and jack for his chain….”that shit was fun” he says,,,,in my hood getting yo chain jacked aint fun …busta! btw my boy still has yo chain come get it…black hawk down yg

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