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Ying Yang Twins Back TVT, Say Ying Yang Twins For President

Posted By on May 7, 2008

    Although Crunk music seems to be out of the spotlight and their label TVT Records recently filed for bankruptcy, the Ying-Yang Twins are keeping positive. The duo is currently preparing their 7th album, Ying Yang For President, which will hit stores this summer.

    "TVT has been a perfect label for the Ying Yang Twins, for the simple fact that when we first came in they told us they didn't understand what we do but they'll give it a shot," Kaine of the Ying Yang Twins said. "All the hit records and videos you guys have seen were with the Ying Yang Twins, Mr. Collipark, and TVT, which means they have gave us the greatest representation of our career."
    Their current single, "Drop" is part of an album which they say has been influenced by production from Mr. Collipark and Lil Jon and the ATL boys. "We got some of our own people, we trying to show people that D-Roc and Kaine furnish their own sound, without anybody included," Kaine said. "Crunk ain't dead," the other member of the Twins, D-Roc said "You come to Atlanta it's still the same way – ten times more crunker."

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