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Young Buck Addresses G-Unit Reunion Rumors; Reflects On His Time In Jail

Posted By on January 20, 2014

Young Buck Addresses G-Unit Reunion Rumors; Reflects On His Time In Jail

There has been rumors flying around the internet about a possible G-Unit reunion in the works. Young Buck decided to call up to Dj Whoo Kid’s radio show on Shade 45 to address these rumors.

 “This is not a G-Unit reunion,” Young Buck said on DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show on Shade 45. “This is not me signing with G-Unit or nothing like that, it’s just a real situation. Real dudes just doing real things. I haven’t even spoke with 50 in years. Like I say man, I wish them all the best, you know what I’m saying. I don’t got no ill will with me, or none of that shit with me. I was taught from the very beginning, you can forgive but don’t forget. So, any individual that had any kind of negativity that came with them or done anything dealing with Buck that was taken as a negative way, I forgive them but I don’t forget.” (Hiphopdx)

Young Buck went on to explain how not many of his rap friends checked up on him while he was locked up, but rapper 2 Chainz and producer Drumma Boy were two of the few who checked up on him regularly.

”I spoke to 2 Chainz a lot,” he says. “That’s my brother. I got a lot of respect 2 Chainz, man. He always checked in and made sure I was 100. Of course Drumma Boy, man, that’s my brother from another mother. For the most part, those were the main two guys. I didn’t really hear from nobody. I used to be tuned in when some of these muthafuckas would come across 106 & Park, like, ‘God Damn it I know this nigga don’t be hollering out, “Free Buck” or anything…I don’t know if they forgot about me or if I wasn’t on they mind at the time, but I just didn’t get that call from a lot of rappers.” (Hiphopdx)

Check the full interview below: