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Young Buck Says “F*ck It Im Broke”

Posted By on February 23, 2009

    Young Buck is back and is updating everyone on his life after G-Unit with a new song "Did You Miss Me" [listen here]. Buck opens the song by talking about making money in music saying "All these rappers wanna talk about how much money they got, how much work then done flipped, I don't see none of you n*ggas out here, I'm out here for real" [listen here] Buck says "Since everybody rich now, f*ck it I'm broke" [listen here]

    Buck talks about his beef with 50 Cent saying "These n*ggas ain't that much better, will me and 50 work the sh*t out, nah, I ain't sayin' never…It's been like two years since I had an album out, n*gga, my shows stay sold-out" [listen here] The former G-Unit member says "The streets love me…I ain't really had contact or seen money from this rap sh*t in about a year or so…I ain't have no motherf*cking choice but to get out here in these streets and get mine." [listen here]

Young Buck Talks Life After G-Unit Says "Fuck It Im Broke"