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Buck Says 50’s Lying, Talks New Album

Posted By on February 27, 2009

    50 Cent has said multiple times that "each person in G-Unit has earned over $10 million in their career at
this point," but Young Buck says that is a lie. Buck says he never saw money in the 8 figure range "It's simple, I can let you know what I've made. I'll just put out my
tax statements since I signed with G-Unit… I haven't received 10
million dollars, or jacked off 10 million dollars."

    So what is next for Young Buck? Whatever it is, it will be under G-Unit. "In my situation, it's more humiliating to me I think in 50 eyes to hold
me as long as he can before I'm actually able to fulfill the albums I
have left [on my contract] So, eventually I'll be able to come around and do another album." Buck did comment on the possibilty of 50 letting him out the contract saying "I
think [50] knows that if he was to [release me] everybody and they mama
waiting on the kid… I've never paid a million dollars in taxes…The
Ca$h Cow.
..That's the name of my next album because that's what 50
knows I am, that's what you know I am, the streets know I am. So that's
what I'mma deliver."