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Young Buck Raps About Ten-A-Key Floods

Posted By on May 17, 2010

      Cashville, Ten-A-Key's own Young Buck recently dropped a song about the floods his state and home town have recently had. In the new song "under water" Buck talks about the rough times.

"First it rained and then it pours," Buck raps, "then it rained a little more/I look out the window, it's coming through the door/It covered my Benzo, it's f*cking up the floors, and everybody get it/The rich and the poor/New Orleans, it happened to them, they can tell you how it feels when you don't know how to swim/When your family members missing like 'What happened to him?'/Dead bodies drifting like 'D*mn I see him'/You have no idea what we lost today/I know a 100 brick n*ggas had them washed away — you survived in it, think about who died in it…"

Young Buck – Under Water (Dirty)