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Young Buck – Turns Down G-Unit Reunion (Video)

Posted By on July 5, 2010

     Former G-Unit member Young Buck says no thanks to the recent talks and even offers made from The Game to get the old G-Unit together. Bcuk publically turned down talks of a reunion with 50 Cent's camp saying he still has unfinished business with them. "I just want to get this out real quick and make sure to let all my people out there know one thing, as far as the G-Unit reunion sh*t on me, I ain't with that sh*t," Buck told a crowd of concert fans. "We got too much unfinished business to happen, 50. I'm not with none of that sh*t — I just want to make sure we get that clear. I'm not with it my n*gga, you took a real n*gga through too much my n*gga. If you want war, we gonna go to war [and] we gonna do this sh*t in a real street way until one of us dies my n*gga. I'll play that game with you. It's only right, somebody's gotta do this in a real way…Even if I lose my life in being a real n*gga, one thing y'all motherf*ckers know is that [I] was a real n*gga…When a n*gga playing with a n*gga's life then you treat a n*gga with no emotions. You take a n*gga's life. So either meet me in h*ll or heaven, f*ck you, f*ck G-Unit."

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