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Young Buck Speaks On G-Unit Reunion

Posted By on July 10, 2014

Young Buck Speaks On G-Unit Reunion

G-Unit has reunited and is preparing their upcoming mixtape as well as their album, now rapper and member of G-Unit, Young Buck, has revealed how he feels about the group joining forces again.

According to Buck, the reunion is a good look and more than just getting a quick check.

“It’s a good look,” Buck says on Whoolywood Shuffle. “First and foremost, it ain’t no bullshit where it’s about a check. You know what I’m saying? From the very beginning, 50′s always been the big brother. You know, shit happens and that’s what happened.” (HipHopDX)

Buck also explained how he feels G-Unit’s plans didn’t go the way they thought it would, but they have made it work.

“But real shit always makes yourself stronger…in some kind of way,” he adds. “Sometimes things don’t go as planned and sometimes it do, but if it’s real, it’s always gonna be there and that’s what it was…We movin’, my nigga. G-Unit, nigga. That’s what it’s been.” (HipHopDX)

  • qboro

    Young Buck is Real. I’m from 134 knew Boo Boo from Bldg 17 days. Lived all over. Buck is a Southern Southside Kat. His Crew reminds me of the 134 in the 80s. Fif is a business man groomed from Guy Brew.

  • qboro

    If FIf reads this get the 134 Allstars back. Let Yayo run the show. Mut Lo etc. Banks bro also. Do a qboro album all areas from Southside to Far rock to Lefrak all legends past and present. Talent is endless. Now that ” Power” is in effect. Leave one last Rap Legacy so that Southside will live on. circle 5. 134. On another note let Game on a couple of tracks of new Gunit album; he gave life to the Unit at a crucial time. By gones be By gones! He deserves it and he still Spits Fire.