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Young Buck

Young Buck Says No One Talks To Him

Posted By on July 17, 2009

    Young Buck released a new song called "Pullin Me Back" [listen here] in which he talks about falling out with 50 Cent and the entire G-Unit/Aftermath and Shady Record labels. "Yeah, it's me, Young Buck, okay get your cameras ready," Buck says on the song's intro. [listen here] "Different shoot-outs, it's the same sh*t/It's been a while since you heard a Buck album/It's just business, kept my distance/Now where them motherf*ckers at, I gotta have 'em/F*ck another album, pump another volume/Roll another blunt, I'm back," Buck Raps. [listen here]

    Buck then hits up Dr Dre and Eminem "Until today, still ain't heard a word from Dre/Or a word from Em/Still f*ck with them/Me and 50 ain't spoke/And Banks ain't called/I ain't seen or ran into Yayo at all/But I'm out here, for whatever it's worth/By any means, ask me to sell 'em a verse/Could bury me alive, cover me up with dirt…It's just me. I'm saying just holler at me, IAmYoungBuck.com. I told y'all n*ggas I was back on my Buck sh*t, right? Classic sh*t." [listen here]

Young Buck – Says No One Talks To Him