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Young Buck Cant Get A Hold Of Dr Dre

Posted By on August 16, 2010

      Former G-Unit member Young Buck recently talked about his non-relationship with Dr Dre and how he has failed when it comes to trying to get a hold of the hit producer. Although he kept in touch with him while he was in G-Unit, Young Buck says he hasn't talked to him in three years.

      "Dr. Dre is an individual who I wish I heard from at some point in time because his voice in my situation would means a lot. He don't have to on my side or [50 Cent's] side, but just say something, bro. I even told Game to say 'what's up' to Dre for me, but I haven't heard anything..I haven't received an email or spoken to Dre in three years…I haven't heard from Dr. Dre or Eminem… not to say my situation is any part of their business but at a point in time I was sitting in front of these dudes. And I'm not looking for them to take sides or anything, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what is being done to me from their artist."


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