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Young Buck Says 50 Wont Let Him Go

Posted By on August 17, 2010

      Young Buck recently took to his fans to plead for their support and help to get him out of his contract with 50 Cent, three years after he was "kicked out" of G-Unit. Buck says 50 's entire focus is on making him financially crumble.

      "Listen, in those three years since I've been away from G-Unit, have you once heard 50 Cent say 'I want this much for Buck to get out of his contract or anything like that?' No! So that right there should be enough to understand the kind of situation that I'm in," Buck pointed out in an interview. "All I need is the support of the people right now. 50's been on a mission to starve me out…I'm still stuck contractually. I haven't spoken to anyone from G-Unit in three years including 50 and I still have albums left over there."

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