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Tony Yayo Says Young Buck Is Broke

Posted By on October 16, 2008

    Is the economy hurting rappers? Tony Yayo says it sure it when it comes to his ex-gunit fellow member, Young Buck. In an interview with HHG, Yayo says Buck is broke because you dont see him around. "Buck has been mighty quiet. That means his dollars are getting real, real low. When a n*gga's quiet like that you know he's going through it. His chain is supposed to be on eBay and in his last interview when they asked him when he was coming out and he said you would have to ask 50 about that."

    Yayo finished up by saing "Once you're broke n*ggas ain't even your friends no more. That's why you see Buck's broke ass coming to parties. He went to Jeezy's party and he wasn't even invited, motherf*cker…" True? Who knows, You don't think Yayo would say anything bad about Young Buck do you? HA!