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Buck On Life After G-Unit; Says Hes By Eminem

Posted By on October 17, 2009

    Former member of 50 Cent's "G-Unit" crew, Young Buck recently reflected on being kicked out of the group saying that he has now learned from his past mistakes in the music industry. Buck says that he is now ready to leave his comparisons to G-Unit and move out onto his own. "I won't say that I'm perfect or that I've done everything right out of this situation but I've done more right than wrong," Buck said in an interview. "I'm man enough to admit my wrongs and correct [them]…It was a phase in my life that came and went and it was good while it lasted but right now it's about Buck." [Young Buck Name Drops Eminem – Listen Here]

    Buck then talked about how his 2nd album didn't do well compared to his first. "The second album is what they call the sophomore jinx, it's traditional that most artists' second record's numbers are lower than their first's numbers…I'm still considered a platinum artist. My first album went beyond platinum, second one gold…At this point I wouldn't consider myself number one in the mixtape game but I would consider myself definitely in the top three…To be honest right now I'm in Detroit, about 2 miles away from Eminem's studio, so you know my lyrical game is getting good." [Young Buck – Says He Was Not Dissing Eminem – Watch Here]

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