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Young Buck Respects Game’s G-Unit Reunion Goal

Posted By on November 29, 2010

     Young Buck recently spoke about Game's hopes that G-Unit would reunite along with saying he would consider reuniting with the group if 50 Cent wanted to make a peace offering.

"It is what it is man," Buck told radio host Tim Westwood. "I will wait and hear a response from 50 [Cent] at this point and see where he goes at. I'm at a point in my career, honestly man, I don't even look at my situation dealing with them as a beef. It's not a beef. It's a situation, man. [Me going back?] To be continued — I know the picture you was left with before you done seen Buck again. It was one big family. It was a movement and it was a beautiful movement and I think the fans enjoyed that and I think they want that still. I wouldn't definitely just turn down the situation at this point but it would have to be done in a genuine way as far as the whole movement of what it should be. It would just have to be done in a genuine way — I done [reconciled] with Game because in reality I don't feel like the situation of when there was a situation dealing with the G-Unit and Game it was a situation where I would consider beef…When you consider beef, that's a whole different world. A lot of these are just considered misunderstandings but they're able to make it to the beef categories and carried out like that." ("Tim Westwood TV")

Young Buck – Respects Games G-Unit Reunion Goal