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Young Buck Says Funkmaster Flex Is Attacking Him

Posted By on November 29, 2010

     Former G-Unit member Young Buck recently claimed that New York radio dj Funkmaster Flex is publicaly taking shots at him, adding that the dj is going after him because he's cool with 50 Cent.

"I think the whole breaking up of G-Unit [in 2008] even made Flex look at me in a different way," Buck explained. "I be looking in the media and catching him throw his darts and stuff at me. And I'm like, man, I ain't never had a problem with dude. Everybody's left to go out for their own opinion of the situation. I'm speaking of Flex. I wasn't saying nothing in no disrespectful way — I know for a fact that he has his own personal feelings to his opinion and he's entitled to that but I'm the type of individual where there's anything regarding me that you want to clear up in any kind of way, I'm available." (Tim Westwood TV)

Young Buck – Says Funkmaster Flex Is Attacking Him