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Buck Says There Is No Ten-A-Key Boys, Dropping Solo Mixtape

Posted By on April 14, 2008

    It was previously reported that Young Buck had started a group called "Ten-A-Key Boys" and the group would be featured on an upcoming mixtape by producer J.A. Buck's publicist is saying thats not true, stating "Let it be clear, Young Buck has not joined or formed any new groups including the Ten-A-Key Boys, contrary to what has been mentioned on the web," continuing  "However, Young Buck's new mixtape is due for release very soon."

    J.A., the producer who's mixtape the Ten-A-Key Boys were supposed to debut on, says "There is no 'Ten-A-Key Boys' mixtape," continuing "There is no Ten-A-Key Boys group. Young Buck is working on his solo mixtape, which I am producing for." Young Buck's new mixtape Honorable Discharge: Cashville Chronicles, will feature his Cashville artists Sosa, The Plug, The Outlawz and C-Bo and will drop later this month.