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Buck Speaks On Beef & New Album

Posted By on February 20, 2007

Young Buck's got a new album, Buck the World, on the way. With 2007 shaping up to become a year for certain Southern acts to shine bright, the competition is on. But, will there be beef?
"It's the big payback sh– for me," he told MTV. "I appreciate the fans patiently waiting. That's why I worked so hard on making this another classic album. … I got respect for them all — T.I., [Lil] Wayne, all of them — but at this point, I'm hungry for real. Between me, Wayne and T.I., we got the most anticipated albums [coming out of the South this year]. I'm trying to bust both their asses, but in a friendly way. Cause them is my n—as."

Although reports of a Buck/Game altercation have surfaced since the interview took place, Buck told MTV that he'd rather steer clear from all rap beefs.
"I'm out in these streets for real…I'm affiliated with it, without having the illegal sh– with it. I can't indulge myself in the so called beef situations because my sh– is so real out here. Two weeks ago, I got pulled over. [There were] Feds and everything! They said my license was suspended. They get me down [to the police station] and want to question me about homicides…So at this point right now, I'm not f—ing with none of this rap beef. I'm trying to keep my head above water," he said.
Wait, even the Cam/50 beef?
"The 50 and Cam sh–? That sh– is funny to me," he laughed off. "I'm gonna be all the way honest. I think 50 can handle that from his own point of view. But like I said, sh– is so real for me in the streets. … At the end of the day, my boss, he's about capitalizing off of negative energy. When anybody brings negative energy to him, he's just a blessed child to turn it into a bank roll. F—ing with homeboy like that, you have to have your sh– all the way together. To each his own, 'cause at the end of the day, we are on top. 50 is on top."