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Buck Urges Game To Stop 50 Beef

Posted By on May 9, 2007

Young Buck, who has for the most part stayed out of 50 Cent's recent beefs, is calling on 50 and Game to settle their feud. The beef, which has gone on for about two years now, needs to stop, according to Buck.
"You know, niggas have differences. But if you ain't no bitch nigga then you shouldn't feel lesser (sic) than a man for stretching out your problems you had with somebody else and trying to get to them. You not less a man for trying to handle your business in a way to get to the end of the problem. You more of a man, in my eyes, straight up and down," said Buck, according to Starpulse.com.

The rapper also regerest the fact that this beef has caused Dr. Dre and Eminem to choose sides. Dre was the executive producer of Game's first album, but was nowhere to be found on the second (other than in name). Eminem produced and was featured on a track on Game's first album, but like Dre was not on Game's second.

"I honestly wish it didn't happen, because what that did was make Dr. Dre and Eminem, muthafuckas I look up to, have to analyze a situation and choose sides… That's bullshit."