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Friday Fights: Young Buck Goes At Cash Money

Posted By on November 17, 2006

Young Buck, recently aired out Baby, Lil Wayne and Cash Money on Sirius Shade 45.

The convo heated up when the host asked Buck about the whole Weezy and Baby kissing picture that landed on the net last week. Buck responded with: "For the average man, period… that's just something that don't float our f—ing boats, man. Your lips don't go on no other man in no kind of fashion and I don't give a f— if it was a f—ing mafia sh–." Weezy, you listening?

Later the convo shifted, where listeners were able to understand that Buck's sentiments about Cash Money are actually deep-routed. Buck, a one-time Cash Money soldier, was never given the chance and opportunity to shine with the record company. A couple of years later, though, he's become a rising star in the G-Unit camp. Here's how Buck said he really feels about the Cash Money clique: "I've been real calm on them n—-s. I ain't been wanna say nothing 'cause I know if one of them n—-s say something towards Buck, I'm a end they f—ing career. We can rap it out or we can play it in the streets. I'll Ja Rule them n—-s over there, so leave me alone, n—-. You think you got a problem with Juve and B.G.; you'll have a true problem with me."