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Sha Money XL Says Young Buck Royalty Rumors Not True

Posted By on March 21, 2008

Recently there have been rumors and reports that Young Buck had made statements saying things like he had "never seen a royalty check" since signing with the G-Unit label, despite releasing two hit albums, Straight Outta Cashville (2004) and last years latest Buck The World. Sha Money XL, Young Buck's Manager, said “There has been a new rumor going around that 50 Cent has not paid Young Buck any royalties," continuing "I, as Buck’s manager and as former President of G-Unit Records want to make it clear: that is false. Young Buck has cleared over $10 million dollars working under 50 Cent’s and my guidance.” Buck is expected on G-Unit's new album, Shoot To Kill, which is their follow up to the hit Beg For Mercy. “We don’t know if a writer waited two months on the interview to stir up some new drama or just took his words wrong, but Buck is waving the G-Unit flag strong.” Sha also went on to deny that Buck was planning to leave G-Unit/Interscope in order to sign with another label, saying “Any talks of Buck signing to any other labels are false. People are playing the divide and conquer game and that’s not going to work!”

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