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Young Buck Denies Robbery Rumors, Cashville Full Of Violence

Posted By on November 26, 2007

Young Buck, G-Unit rap star & Cashville Native, released a statement today (November 26) denying rumors that he was robbed in Nashville, Tennessee.

Reports surfaced that Young Buck was assaulted and that his watch, diamond chain and Bentley were taken from him at gunpoint outside of Nashville nightclub, The Place.

He admitted that he was involved in an altercation over the weekend, but denied he was the victim of a robbery.

"Ain't nobody robbed me for a thing," Young Buck told AllHipHop.com in a statement. "There was an altercation between me and a dude here in Tennessee and during that altercation, I lost a watch which came off my arm. But as far as someone taking my Bentley, my Bentley is sitting pretty without a scratch on it, right here in my driveway and my jewelry is right here too. I guess this is what people wanted to happen. I didn't get robbed for anything."

The rapper also dismissed reports that the source of the dispute was over an unpaid debt.

"I don't owe anyone money and the dude who I had the altercation with knows me and I know him and we already had our words since the altercation happened, so whoever is posting this or commenting on this recklessly is trying to take Buck down but you can't take Buck down," the rapper stated.

Young Buck’s incident is the latest in a string of violent altercations involving rappers in Nashville, Tennessee.

Two local rappers, Paper and Allstar Cashvilles Prince, have been feuding since an October rap battle turned hostile and resulted in blood shed throughout the city.

Paper and Allstar Cashville Prince were once signed to the same label.

Allstar is also affiliated with Cash Money Records through a deal with rapper Yo Gotti’s Inevitable Entertainment record label.

There have been at least six shootings that have left eight people wounded, including a high profile broad daylight shooting earlier this month, in front of a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant that left one man in critical condition.