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Young Buck Discusses His New Album, Seperate From G-Unit

Posted By on January 22, 2008

Sporting a new look after cutting off his trademark braids, Young Buck is stepping out and doing his own thing. "I just basically been touring, promoting my last project and getting ready for the release of my new album, Product Of The South," Buck said recently. "Buck is in a good place. A lot of people want to see me succeed and that's why I created my own brand, Cashville Records. I'm just stepping up to the executive bracket. I'm still a part of G-Unit, 50 is still my boss when I'm doing G-Unit and I'm my boss over here. I'm trying to establish me and just getting to my money."

Young Jeezy, Plies, Devin The Dude and Brotha Lynch Hung are guests slated to be on the new album with production by Hi-Tek, Drumma Boy and Sha Money XL, it should be out April 1st. "It's a totally new feel to the music," he said. "I can definitely tell you it's gonna be all fresh sounds. I'm working with new producers. I wanted a separate sound and feel from G-Unit. I mean, how could it be a new label if I went with the same stuff as ya'll used to hearing from G-Unit?"

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Buck discussed his relationship with 50 by saying "I wouldn't say that the relationship has deteriorated, " he explained.
"At the end of the day, I been over here getting money and establishing
me. My relationship with 50, it is what it is. 50's becoming bigger by
the day." "We don't communicate as much as we used to, but that's cool because
I'm not the type of artist that's gonna wait for the CEO to make a move
for me," he continued. "I respect 50 to the utmost. Even though at
times to the world it seems like 50 ain't down with me, I still stay
loyal to the n*gga because he put me in this position. It's just he's
more focused on 50 more than anybody. Everybody wonders, what's up with
Buck and Fif? He's a business man. He gets the final word and makes the
[business] decisions for G-Unit. Anything outside of that, you gotta
ask 50 about."