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Young Buck Replies To 50 Cent, Releases New Track

Posted By on April 21, 2008

    Since 50 Cent kicked Young Buck out of the G-Unit group, 50 hasn't stopped talking about the situation and Buck himself. Recently made comments that included that Young Buck lives like a drug dealer [read here] and that he expects a diss record in reply [read here]. Young Buck has up until now kept pretty quiet on the subject but that has ended.

    Young Buck released a new track, "My Interview" [listen here], where he gives fans insight into his conflict with 50 Cent. Buck says in the track that things 50 said, people already knew. He compares his relationship with 50 to that of Biblical figures such as Kane and Able.

    Young Buck is getting ready for the release of his new mixtape Honorable Discharge: Cashville Chronicles later this month plus his new documentary DVD, A Billion Bucks, that follows him through everyday life. A Billion Bucks hit's stores June 10th.

Listen To Young Bucks Reply "My Interview," Click Here Now!