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Jeezy talks USDA Bloodraw Gone Three Members Added

Posted By on January 25, 2011

     Atlanta rapper Jeezy is readying for a busy 2011 after 2010 had the rapper, and his group USDA, not releasing any albums.

     Jeezy is currently preparing for his fourth solo album, “TM 103“, to be released sometime around mid-2011, and at the same time he is also readying for his rap group, U.S.D.A., to release a follow up to their 2007 album by spring 2011 titled “The Afterparty“. Three years later however, the group has three new members to replace former member Bloodraw.

     While both Jeezy and Slick Pulla remain in the group the departure of Bloodraw from the group presented a trio of new members being added to the U.S.D.A. lineup including JW, California’s 2Eleven and Mississippi rapper Boo Rossini.