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Young Jeezy Denies Allegations Laid Out in $5 Million Lawsuit

Posted By on February 20, 2013

Rapper, Young Jeezy is denying that he even knows the man that is currently suing him for millions of Dollas. In the lawsuit in question, a man has alleged that he help jumpstart Jeezy’s career and that the two were best of friends and started numerous records companies and business together in which they agreed to split the profits 50/50.

According to TMZ, Ellerbee Demetrius filed a suit against the Trap Star Rapper for $5 Million in 2012. The man alleges that he helped Jeezy form multitudinous record companies as well as assisted him in the release of numerous mixtapes. He further claims to have executive produced a number Jeezy’s Def Jam Studio albums.

Despite the fact that Demetrius has made claims to have known the rapper since 1995, Jeezy maintains his claim that he does not know the man. In recent legal document s that have been filed in the courts, Jeezy officially denies that Demetrius’ claims are valid.

At this point the case is still pending and no outcome is eminent. The question now is this a case where a rapper is looking to forget certain parts of the past and walk away from the responsibility of honor past commitments or is this just another situation in which someone is looking to abuse a legal system that makes it exceptionally easy to levy unfounded claims against celebrities with the hopes of leveraging a settlement. Only time will tell.