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Jeezy Talks Shawty Redd Murder Charge

Posted By on March 5, 2010

     Yesterday Young Jeezy said that Shawty Redd would be on his upcoming "Thug Motivation 103" album, now the rapper is speaking out Shawty Redd's recent legal trouble. Redd was arrested on New Years Eve for murder and Jeezy says he would never turn his back on his friend. "I worked with Shawty more so on the album before he went in," said Jeezy, who revealed one song they have on the album called "Let Me Handle My Business." "Like I said, that's my little brother, so it kinda hit close to home [when he was arrested]. I definitely would have wanted homie for this [Trap or Die 2 mixtape], but it was good. We did the work we did and got in for the album."

      Jeezy says it feels weird not having Shawty Redd not travel with him. "It feels a little different, but I got us," the Snowman said. "I had us before; I got him now. He's not able to be here with us through the duration, but he's here with us in spirit. Better believe he's calling every day, like, 'What's going on? How we lookin'?' I'm talking to him or his people. He's good. Shawty is holding his head. "

     "He's always been a strong little dude," Jeezy added. "He's like my little brother. I kinda raised Shawty. I kinda brought him around that type of mentality. He wasn't a street dude off go. So whatever happened, that's not for me or you to speak on. But as far as him being my little brother, he's always gonna be in my prayers, and I'mma ride with him. He's incredible with what he do. He's like my Dr. Dre. I couldn't do a Thug Motivation album without Shawty Redd. So best believe, know, he's on that album. Real talk."

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