Young Jeezy Drops “Young” From His Name

Young Jeezy Drops “Young” From His Name

     Young Jeezy has reportedly dropped the "Young" part of his name, as evidence from his new single "Lose My Mind" cover. Based on multiple reports, Young Jeezy has joined other rappers like Game (who dropped "The" from his name) and Diddy (who dropped the "P" from his) or even Bow Wow (who dropped the "Lil" from his rap name).

     The cover for Jeezy's upcoming "Lose My Mind" single, from his upcoming "Thug Motivation 103" album, hit the net and shows Jeezy only using "Jeezy" not "Young Jeezy" for his rap name. The"Jeezy" (minus "Young") first appeared on the credits for Rihanna's "Hard" track.

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