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Young Jeezy Talks Run D MC With Freddie Gibbs

Posted By on May 3, 2011

     Young Jeezy recently teamed up with Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs to work on the new "Stripes" track, also known as "Run D MC." Gibbs says the new song was inspired by the iconic New York rap group.

"We definitely talkin' about the same gangsta topics, but I think that day we were bumpin' some Run-DMC so we got into that stripe mode," Gibbs said about the track, which was inspired by the popular 1980s rap group. The record was produced by Lodi, a beatmaker from Memphis who Jeezy has recently took under his wing. "He one of the coldest in the game right now and he's doin' a lot of work with CTE and we're ready to get it in…The main thing, really, was my admiration I had for Jeezy and the respect I had for him…It definitely wasn't about the money or any of that. I looked at what he does musically and what I do musically and I thought that he could take it to the next level." (MTV)

Young Jeezy ft Freddie Gibbs – Stripes (Run D MC)