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Jeezy Works With Kanye On New Album

Posted By on July 16, 2009

    Young Jeezy recently gave his fans an update on the progress of his upcoming "Thug Motivation 103" album. [watch here] In a new interview, Jeezy not only talked about his album but says he plans to keep his mixtape game going. "Mixtapes, you know, I got a few coming out but I'm really more focused on this album," Jeezy said. [watch here] "I wanna change the way people think about stuff so I'm focused this album. The mixtapes, that's gonna do what it do, but I want the album to be like, when you get it, 'Ah, that's crazy.'" [watch here]

     Young Jeezy went on to give some details on his new project. "I'm about 75 percent [done.] I wanna work with a couple more people and that's about it. Kanye did about maybe six, seven joints on there…To be honest with you, I kinda like what Drake's doing." [watch here]

Young Jeezy – Says Kanye Did 7 Songs