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Young Jeezy Brings Fabolous, Maino & Lil Kim On Stage, Releases ‘Everything’

Posted By on August 27, 2008

    Young Jeezy hit the stage last night in Manhattan last night and brought a few friends with him. Jeezy told the crowd “I heard if you don’t bring mufuckas out in New York, you ain’t shit” before he brought out Fabolous to perform "Breathe" and Maino to do "Hi Hater" with him. Next up on the guest list, Lil Kim. Kim hit the stage to perform "Lighters Up." Jeezy has been hitting the headlines lately with his support of Barack Obama, and last night he continued, saying “In my book, it’s Tupac, then Barack Obama."

    Jeezy has been doing lots of press for his new album, The Recession, that hits stores on September 2nd (next Tuesday). Young Jeezy recently appeared on XM radio [watch here] and 103.9 [watch here] where he discussed many things. Jeezy also put out a new song today called "Everything" [listen here] plus a new video for his song "Vacation" [watch here].

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Young Jeezy – XM Radio Interview


Young Jeezy – Interview With 103.9