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Young Jeezy Is The 7th Hottest MC

Posted By on October 1, 2009

    The MTV Hottest MC list is in full effect, putting out the top ten rappers one a day. Today it was announced that Young Jeezy has snagged the #7 slot. Why did Jeezy take home number seven? MTV Says "Young Jeezy may not yet have a mainstream, marquee name like some of his platinum peers, but the Snowman is an undeniable rap goliath. In hip-hop, his moniker holds just as much weight as the other big dogs. How else could he bring out Kanye West and Usher during the big Birthday Bash concert in his hometown of Atlanta last summer, and then turn around in 2009 and usher out surprise guests Mary J. Blige and Lil Wayne?" [Young Jeezy Takes 7th In MTV Hottest MCs – Watch Here]

     In addition they say "And by the way, when Jay-Z decided to perform his earthshaking "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)" in concert for the first time anywhere on the globe, he came out during Jeezy’s set at the “Summer Jam” show in New Jersey. And he followed that with a prominent slot on Lil Wayne’s "America’s Most Wanted" tour last summer, which ran for six weeks and was one of the most successful tours of the year thus far. [Young Jeezy Is MTV's 7th Hottest MC – Watch Here]

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