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Young Jeezy Acting Debut Goes To DVD Only

Posted By on November 30, 2009

    Well it looks like Young Jeezy's first movie, "Janky Promoters," will not hit the big screen and will actually come out directly to DVD. Jeezy's acting debut, which co-stars Ice Cube and Mike Epps, had it's plug pulled by the Weinsteins and will put the movie on DVD without any marketing or promotions. According to multiple reports, the Weinstein Company decided that the star power of Ice Cube will help the film at least rent well and have made the film a Blockbuster exclusive.

    In related news, the film's star Mike Epps recently talked about the movie being scrapped and released only on DVD. "That movie got dumped," Epps revealed. "Yeah, you might catch it on DVD or something. It didn't work. It was some studio issues. Studio issues, it didn't work." In addition to "Janky Promoters," Mike Epps also talked about whyt he decided not to take part in the film Lottery Ticket with Ice Cube but did not explain why." [Mike Epps Talks About New Movie Going Straight To DVD – Watch Here]

Mike Epps – Talks About Janky Promoters Movie